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Style your walls: 10 inspiring ideas for a modern wall decor

by Filipe Silva

The walls of our home are the face of our soul. That’s the reason why we are always looking for a great photo to print, a quote that means something to us, an illustration or a poster to give some personality to the room. Today we bring you a sellection of 10 inspiring ideas for a modern wall decor. From your living room to the bathroom, any wall is special and essential to a modern decor.

Here you have 10 design ideas to style your walls:

The bedroom is a place where you can use some personal ideas, something with a special meaning or a special detail that you want to remember every night.


The bathroom can be a funny place and you can surprise yourself everyday with an important message for every morning.

Combining different sizes of frames is a great way to give some attention to the sofa wall on a living room.

A colorful office is a great motivation for all the work we have to do and to give us the power to do the impossible.


Your kids room need some child decor and tha kids will love to have those special animals with them evry day and night.

When it comes to choose frames, there's nothing better than combining colors, styles and sizes. The result will be a stunning modern wall.

Books, Posters, Illustrations, Decor Details and Plants are some of the best modern ideas to give your wall a special look and some personality.


That's the proof that an empty wall is soo boring.

5 different types of posters and 5 reasons for you to style your walls.

Style your living room walls is a great way to surprise your guests and friends. They will certainly look twice.


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